Resources List 


                               I am often asked about what equipment/resources I would recommend.  Art supplies are  a                                              personal preference.  Like your favourite pen.  It also depends on your budget.   However, I am                                      believer that if you buy what you love, it will always be a good investment.  I like to spend                                            birthday/Christmas money as a treat. 


The list below, is my personal recommendations and the supplies I personally use.  They have been tried and tested by myself (having tried many, many products). There are hundreds of products on the market, which can be overwelming so this should help if you aren't sure what to buy. You of course, will have your favourites too, so do let me know about them, as it always good to hear about different products. 

I have added some links but they maybe out of date. Hobbycraft and local art shops will sell most of these products too 


Watercolour paint - St Petersburg White Night 

Student set: Great for beginners, students and if on a budget!/~/product/id=64746&prid=305&ctid=8&tp=pv

Professional Set:!/~/product/id=64746&prid=0&ctid=0&scid=4&tp=pc#!/~/product/id=64746&prid=247&ctid=3&tp=pv

Watercolour Paper - Daler Rowney smooth hot pressed paper


Brushes - Royal Langnickel

Round tip

Chisel brush (not used as much as round tipbut a good addition)


White pen - Signo Uniball Rollerball


Black Fine pen -  Uni-ball liquid fine 0.5mm



Colouring pencils - Faber Castell Polychromos (these aren't cheap but they are amazing)


Masking tape (I also use washi tape) 

Local hardware shop or Amazon 

30cm Ruler - Local stationary shop or amazon 

Mechanical Pencil - Like your pencil to stay sharp, then a mechanical is prefect for precision. However a standard HB pencil is fine to use too.

Scissors  - most scissors are fine as long as the make cutting easy.  It's good to have a large and small pair ( for detail work)

Glue - Modpodge Matt finish.  This glue is amazing. A little goes a long way and I can highly recommend it. Similar to PVA but dries fast which is great, especially for kids.  Can also be used as a sealant over collage etc.


Sketching pencils


Sketchbook Paper - I advise over150gms paper and acid free.


Light pad -Perfect for tracing and copying drawings. Saves a lot of time!

Board - For taping watercolour tape onto, to stop paper wrinkling and paint pooling.  You can use a thick piece off cardboard, chopping board, clipboard, piece of mdf or buy one.